Bali Packages muslim meal private tour (exclude flight)

An island of Indonesia, Bali is home to friendly and remarkably artistic people living amid breathtaking panoramas. Terraced rice fields dominate the countryside, with rivers and streams dissecting a luscious green landscape, filling the air with enchanting sounds of running water. The island of Bali is divided by a string of impressive volcanoes running almost through its center, and shrouded in mystery and magic.

Local art and culture are infused with Bali’s unique form of Hinduism, with elements of folklore unique to the island. Immerse yourself in the culture, or just relax on the beach and soak up the sun.

3D2N Discover Bali Tour from RM446 per person
4D3N Bali Fullboard Tour from RM617 per person
4D3N Bali Deluxe Honeymoon from RM814 per person
4D3N Bali Lovina Dolphin Tour from RM770 per person
4D3N Lombok Fullboard Tour from RM1017 per person
5D4N Amazing Bali Tour from RM685 per person
Rates are negotiable! Book your flights (AirASia or MAS) then ask me for cheaper packages.