Pakej Korea 2012

(normally for airasia flight, arrival Seoul 9.20pm, depart from seoul 11.20
pm or 12.20am)

- Arrival Incheon Internation Airport at 9.20pm
- Meet the tour guide
- Check in into hotel / motel / guest house

- Breakfast Korean Traditional food
- Iteawon Mosque
- Iteawon Street
- Buffet lunch in Iteawon
- Namsan Tower
- Dinner Korean food

- Breakfast Lotteria Fast Food
- Yongsan Digital Complex
- Nami Island with box lunch
- Dinner ikan bakar

- Breakfast Korean Food
- Kyonbuk Palace
- Changey Stream
- Lunch
- Nameamun Market
- Dinner Korean Food

- Breakfast
- Yoido Park
- Han River with cruise
- Lunch
- 64 Building
- Departure Incheon International Airport

**flight to Kuala Lumpur by AirAsia at 11.20pm on day05 or 12.20am on day06
**departure valid all the years except 5-15 December

Rate: 680.000 won *RM1950*
Including: Accommodation, Halal meals, guide, transportation, tours, entrance fees, tipping
Accommodation: Bobos Motel / Happy Guesthouse / similar class
Transportation: Public transportation (bus, subway , ferry ,taxi-if time is
Meals: Halal food is prepared for breakfast,lunch and dinner. *no dinner on last day

*Cameraman service is prepared.
*there will be extra charged ONLY if client ask for extra service. exp: extra food after 3meals.

Extra tour:
One full day to Lotte World (indoor theme park) / Everland (outdoor theme park) with breakfast and dinner (lunch excluded)
Extra 90.000 won *RM250*

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  • At 2011.11.29 14:16, halina muzir said:

    Ada x pakej ke korea tp nk yg pergi ke expo korea 2012 punya pada bln may 2012, lau ada brape RM?

    • At 2011.12.12 10:30, Fazilah said:

      Saya berminat ke Korea tapi pada musim bunga. Bilakah tarikh yang paling sesuai? Kira-kira harga package termasuk lotte world RM 2200 net ?

      • At 2011.12.12 20:31, haliza said:

        sila quotekan untuk 7 orang dewasa (semua perempuan) ke korea pd 29 sept 2012 (departure; 0050 arrival; 8.30 dan balik pd 4 oct (departure 9.30). tq

        • At 2011.12.29 09:27, jue said:

          as salam,
          sye nk tnye ground package 8hari utk 2 orang.cover pulau jeju.sye dah beli tiket flight bln 2.5.2011 nanti.tolong emelkn ye.TQ

          • At 2012.01.05 14:32, sunarto b sipin said:

            I plan to visit Korea, depart on 7 April, 2012 and spend 5 days over there. Please quote the cost for muslim tour for 6 adults and 1 infant.

            Do revert through my amail please.

            • At 2012.02.04 12:01, Syazwan said:

              Already bought flight ticket?

              Please fwd flight ticket to my email

            • At 2012.01.19 11:20, idashml said:


              Plan nak pergi korea cuti sek. bulan Mei 2012… (musim bunga kan?)
              5 – 6 orang…
              6 hari….

              Kalau ada, bayarannya???
              Boleh beri itinerary?


              • At 2012.01.19 11:22, idashml said:

                Nak tau Kos untuk Muslim…

                5 – 6 orang…

                Bulan Mei 2012… Musim bunga…

                • At 2012.01.19 11:23, idashml said:

                  Kalau boleh nak FULL IN….

                  • At 2012.02.02 19:59, Azura said:


                    Please kindly quote a ground package / arrangement for 8 – 10 pax on a tour to Korea date 5 – 10 may 2012. Please email me asap. We are all a bunch of university students who love traveling but never been to Korea. Thank you.


                    • At 2012.02.04 12:01, Syazwan said:

                      Dear azura,

                      Rate is rm1900 all-in per person excluding flight ticket.

                    • At 2012.04.22 18:57, aisyaz said:

                      Hi, i plan to visit korea in spring 2013.. 3 adults(female),maybe during school break in,let me know about the cost n other important info!

                      • At 2012.04.25 15:05, izani said:

                        Hi..Please quote for ground arrangement for 5 pax female arriving INC 30/5/12 5.35am and departing INC 8.50am 3/6/12. thank you.

                        • At 2012.04.26 14:12, wenkt said:

                          saya akan reply dalam masa terdekat

                        • At 2012.05.03 13:35, ika said:

                          plan to visit korea this coming june. can you quote the trip including the flight? for 2 – 4 person

                          • At 2012.06.29 21:13, norjiha said:

                            sila quotekan untuk 2 orang dewasa n 1infant ke korea pd 23 Nov 2012 , 6d5n

                            • At 2012.10.10 10:25, SUZANAH JOHARI said:

                              saya cadang nak pegi korea pd bln dis 2012.. Boleh bagi saya quotation utk ground package ?

                              • At 2012.10.10 22:52, wenkt said:

                                salam. untuk pakej ke korea, boleh
                                check di tq
                                boleh call saya 0142964440 utk details

                              • At 2012.10.10 22:51, wenkt said:

                                salam. untuk pakej ke korea, boleh
                                check di tq